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Default Homeopathy is Not a Placebo Theraphy

Following Research work enables to proove "Homeopathy is not a placebo theraphy".Observation of the following things in nature has lead to the thought of identification of Homeopathic medicines:


. Natural regulatory mechanisms

. Variability in physical and physiological parameters in physics and biology

. Orbit of earth and moon - Distance from sun

Time of rotation of earth

. Bio clock

. Bio-magnetism

Time of aggravation – Homeopathy

.Bio rhythms – Homeopathy

. Time and space effect

. Is time a 'real' dimension?

. Space-time

After experimental verification of the above it is discussed that ,

Medicine after administration acts on Bio - clock control area in the brain parenchyma and setting the clock according to the time of medicine. Medicine will have own impression and that impression transmits to the living organism, now the control mechanisms in living being are under the control of medicine and fluctuate according to the medicinal memory.

The process of potentization might have generating electromagnetic energy, which might carry the information of the basic substance.The Homeopathic dilutions will have a kind of network of bonds, as they produced variations in body temperature around the clock.

The electromagnetic field around person is subjects to the electromagnetic field around the earth. So the fluctuations in physiological parameters in the living being are related with time in tern the rotation of earth.

Experimental verification: (Original work)

</SPAN>. Graphs taken with data logger
. Graphs taken with clinical thermometer
. Method of Identification of Homeopathic medicine among given samples
. Method of selection of Indicated Homeopathic medicine.

It can be concluded that,

“There is variability in physical and physiological parameters in the natural regulatory mechanisms in the universe.”

“The variability in the natural regulatory mechanisms in the universe is similar at a given time.”

“Individuals differ due to space or time effect.”

. This work is helpful to identify the homeopathic medicine among many samples.
. It is possible to select similar medicine for a patient at a given time.
. Relation ship of remedied can be explained with this work.
. This study may lead to identification of Homeopathic Medicines without proving.
. This method also makes possible to write a computer program, which can monitor the indicated medicine to a patient with in 10 mits or less.
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