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Old 27th July 2008, 10:01 PM
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Default LM potency

dear sir / madam,

regards and greetings.

I am re-starting my experiments on LM potency (particularly OLFACTION).
I shall be grateful if can of you could share information on the following:

1) our main source of classical info about the median dose (vial size, amount of alcohol, alcohol strength etc etc) for LM olfaction comes from H in organon 6th ed and dr croserio's input. in modern times, dr harimohun chowdhury had worked on it. has any experienced homeopath used LM olfaction clinically for a considerable long time? if so, what is the basic standard for vial size, amount of alcohol, air gap in the vial, alcohol strength, succussion etc - that you found maximum effective? did you face any problems? I may be happy to share my experiences in this field with you.

2) if my memory serves me right - the preface of the CD 1837 talks about leaving HALF air-gap in the succussion vial to ensure good succussion.
= did hahnemann talk anything more on this AIR GAP issues elsewhere? [please give reference]
= what was H's specific recommendation for air-space in the succussion vial for LM preparations? [please give reference]
= what was H's specific recommendation for air-space in the succussion vial for LM OLFACTION preparations? [please give reference]

I am a little confused because - I know only about the leave 50% space reference. this ref. was pointed out to me by david little - 2 or 3 years ago. (many thanks to him!) but, david's website and pharmacies (like helios) mention the 1/3 air-gap in the vial - both for C as well as LM. I read somewhere that this was as per H's recommendation. does anyone know the reference?

3) dr harimohun chowdhury mentions in the BENGALI edition of his famous book that an EXCEPTION is to be applied in case of NOSODES and that the starting potency is to be 0/6 for nosodes. any comments on dr chowdhury's observation? is this so - because the LM's lower than 0/4 are yet to cross the avogadro's limit and still in the material plane - i.e. LM's are as such low potency and the starting LM's are too material a dose for nosodes and therefore - aggravation....

4) what is your common observation? if the simila is perfect - do LM's cure the full case? no aggravations and/or need to TOTALLY abandon LM and go for C potency? no need to use C potency even at later stage? does it cure pathology? psychiatric symptoms?

what is (on average) the highest LM potency needed by most patients in your clinic? do patients really need beyond 0/12 (if simillimum is correct)? H's remedy chest had LM upto 0/10 - if I remember right.

5) do you have any experience working with SBL LM remedies as compared to dr harimohun chowdhury's pharmacy (homeopathy international, calcutta)? from what I gather - both these pharmacies use very different methods for remedy preparation. I suppose - SBL uses the k-tronic potentizer from labotics, belgium and the LM remedies are also made on this computerized vibratory potentizer which gives STRONG VIBRATIONS (50 hz. 4 mm amplitude). homeopathy international uses the traditional hand succussion method using 100 hand strokes. SBL has ISO and GMP standardizations. any experience and observation on the effects of LM remedies - SBL vs. homeo. intl.?

dr manish agarwala
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Old 27th July 2008, 11:19 PM
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Gina is an unknown quantity at this point

Perhaps you should contact Mr. "Joy Banerjea" (brother of S.K. Banerjea the Homeopath)At Bengal Allen Medicines regards the LM potency process(LM 1-LM 30)
tel# 91-33-246-8438, 246-9255
fax# 91-33- 246-5178

address for correspondence
po box 2282 GPO Calcutta India 700 001

I do believe all remedies are Hand Succussed from the Bengal Allen pharmacy
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