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Default Homeopathy in the News

Wife allergic to housework

A woman had to give up doing the housework because chemicals in
the cleaners made her ill. Now, after four months of homeopathy
and acupuncture, the mother-of-one, from Rochford, Essex, can
clean her house again, using just organic products.


Doctors' orders: debunking homeopathy once and for all

The NHMRC is still finalising its statement, which, it says is
based on one by the UK House of Commons Science and Technology
Committee. It has also said it will likely recommend insurers to
not pay for homoepathy because studies have found it to be


Homeopathy Group Sues Over Denial of CE Credit

The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy is suing the American
Association of Veterinary State Boards, claiming breach of
contract and fraud in relation to the associations refusal to
grant continuing education credits for classes at its 2009
annual conference. The suit was filed in January in Virginia
state court. AVH recently provided details.


Homeopathic Drugmaker Can't Nix Class Action

Lead plaintiff Gina Delarosa sued Boiron Inc., the maker of
Children's Coldcalm homeopathic tablets, for fraud and unfair
competition in California's Central District Court. Delarosa
said the tablets, which advertises "relief from sneezing, runny
nose, nasal congestion, sinus pain, headaches and sore throat,"
didn't work.


It's time to make 'truth in advertising' laws apply to politicians, too

I did however, find a product that worked. It's called Allergy
MD. But this summer, Allergy MD is not available. Why? Because
last year, the FTC sued its maker, Iovate, for violating its
'truth in advertising" rules. How? The FTC says that Iovate
falsely claims that Allergy MD is "homeopathic."


Hey, Whole Foods: Stop Selling Snake Oil

How can this happen? Why does Whole Food sell sugar pills? As an
allegedly responsible company concerned with their customers and
the planet, why would they possibly be involved in such a fraud
Homeopathy is an anti-scientific fraud masquerading as natural


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