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Default Homeopathy in the News

New medicine to heal pets without harsh side effects

"We are adding a drop of blood to this treatment to make it
biologically very specific to her needs," said Dr. Roach. Then
it's mixed with the homeopathic medicine.


Alternative medicine practitioners to upgrade skills of supporting staff

A state of the art Homeopathic and Herbal Clinic has been
inaugurated in Tema with a call on alternative medicine
practitioners to organize training programmes for their
supporting staff to bring them to acceptable standards. Mr
Hlortsi Akokpo, Registrar of the Traditional Medicine Practice
Council at the Ministry of Health, said this would go a long way
to complement governments efforts at ensuring efficient
alternative health care for Ghanaians.


Doctor opening local homeopathy clinic

A homeopathic clinic is coming to Fort McMurray. Patients can
now have their headaches cured with little balls of sugary
medicine placed under the tongue three times a day. Joshua
Olawuyi studied homeopathy in London, Ont., and now, after three
years of practice, he's setting up in Fort McMurray because life
here creates a strong need for homeopathy, he said.


Homeopathic products 'should carry "no scientific evidence" labels'

Homeopathic products are 'clearly not' medicines and should
carry labels warning that there is 'no scientific evidence for
homeopathy', the Royal Pharmaceutical Society has said.
Responding to draft guidance on the advertising of homeopathic
medicines published by the MHRA this week, the society expressed
concerns that the public does not understand the principles on
which homeopathy is based, and said there was 'general
confusion' about the difference between homeopathic and herbal


Are Hyland's Teething Tablets Really Dangerous?

The child-proof cap thing, I get. Consistency, fine. But it's
the fear-mongering about the Belladonna and tablet ingredients
that a lot of people are spitting angry about -- that yet again
the FDA stomps on homeopathic remedies, when their proof doesn't
seem to be scientifically supported, even by their own science.


Cineraria maritima Prevents Cataractogenesis

An ethanolic extract of Cineraria maritima, used as a
homeopathic remedy to prevent cataract progression, prevented
selenite-induced cataractogenesis in an animal model Biol Trace
Elem Res. ePub 15 Oct 2010. Cineraria maritima has been used as
an eye drop to prevent corneal opacities as far back as the
early 1900s; a letter published in The British Medical Journal
in 1936 suggested the plants potassium and iodine content could
be the key elements that fight cataract progression.


Attacks on homeopathy risk driving all alternative medicines underground

Homeopathy, known as a form of alternative medicine, has
recently been making headlines. The frenzy over homeopathy began
in response to a lawsuit brought at the Yamaguchi District Court
in May over the death of an infant. The child died from sepsis
after being given a homeopathic remedy made of a sugar cube in
lieu of the commonly administered vitamin K on the advice of a


How They Started: Highland Hospital

A bitter debate divided the ranks of Rochester's homeopathic
physicians in the late 1800s over the proper way to treat their
patients. So bitter that a group of them broke away and formed
their own medical society. More importantly, they located an
available mansion on a hill overlooking the city, secured
financial backing from a group of prominent Rochesterians, and
turned it into a hospital.


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