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Dr. MAS 27th August 2001 12:05 PM

I am searching for the difference between a patient and a healthy person.

What I mean to say just simply define. What is the definition of Patient?

How could we differentiate a patient and Not a Patient. :rolleyes:

Ricky 27th August 2001 04:33 PM

A patient is someone who perceives a need to be helped.

Hoppitt415 27th August 2001 04:41 PM

A 'patient' makes an appointment a 'not a patient' doesn't!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

Dyna 27th August 2001 06:03 PM

;) I am still searching for "a healthy person" when you bring one to me, then I will tell you the difference. :rolleyes:

:D I suspect that "a healthy person" if you can find one is "Not a Patient." :razz:

HansWeitbrecht 27th August 2001 10:33 PM

Hi Dr. Mass
You still owe me an answer, and dont tell me that it was too simple for you, or like before, that sometime in the future you will answer.
Greetings from Ireland,
Hans Weitbrecht

Dr. MAS 28th August 2001 11:55 AM

After reading this thread. I am :D :D

HansWeitbrecht – This is the first time you are sending me greetings. I accept.

You want your answer. If you are serious about getting the answer. Then Please define a Patient first.

Please also define a "symptom". So that I could give you the required answer in three lines. :confused:

herb2451 29th August 2001 03:48 AM

WHY do we bother with such a person???????????? Dr MAS is trying to incite argument! This is apparent in all posts. I have taken a past member's advice and not participated in any discussion unless I could add something constructive. I only look for information now and not give it. (I'm not a Homeopath or a student) I'm interested in Homeopathy for me, my family and friends and try to spread the "teachings". Dr, MAS is looking for a fight. When you feed into it - you get a response. DON'T feed into it. IGNORE it - Like a gnat - it will go away. (Or reappear in another form) :eek:

HansWeitbrecht 29th August 2001 12:38 PM

Hallo Dr, Mass
Now , a human individual, who has a disease, is called a sick person. A sick person becomes a patient, by entering a defined relationship with another person(s)(maybe homeopath) , of whom he seeks relief of his disease, which is the practitioner-patient relationship.
A symptom is one outward expression in living creatures. Disease symptoms are caused by the diseased state. If I talk about symptoms in the context of homeopathy ,I mean diseasesymptoms (natural, or artificial).
Now, I answered your question, its your turn now.
Greetings from Ireland, hans

Dr. MAS 30th August 2001 06:58 AM

Hans! Thanks for your input. :)

Before proceed further, I would like to define some rules here for discussion. 1. It is not an exam. It is just share of knowledge. 2. You will not get annoy by any means. 3. We will talk only on facts and not on the opinions, which previously built up by our ancestors. 4. You will follow the topic seriously till the close of this thread. 5. We will not pass any personal remarks. 6. We will not quote any rude remarks, which any body gave on this topic or elsewhere. 7. You will try your best to develop an attitude to understand something new. 8. At the end of each discussion you can give any remark, which you like most. I will accept with my heart. 9. If we will face some controversial points, then we will both try our best to sort out that problem with consensus. 10. When I will raise any question during discussion. You will try your best to answer that question in brief and simple manner. 11. It is very difficult for me to visit this bb on daily basis 12. I will try my best to keep the thread active.


If I say, “Totality of symptoms in homeopathy is a wrong concept.”

Then, you will not get annoy, will not develop pre plan opinion, will ask me to prove, will answer those question which I will raise, will follow the thread seriously, will not pass rude remarks, will try to develop attitude towards understanding of point. We will not develop examination attitude during discussion.

Do you agree or not?

You can add more points, whatever you like, are necessary for discussion on this BB.

I will accept without any hesitation.

Now, It is my turn ……. ;)


a human individual, who has a disease, is called a sick person. A sick person becomes a patient,

Please allow me to summarize your opinion, which I understood.

Patient – Who is suffering from any disease.

A symptom is one outward expression in living creatures.

Symptom – If any individual (patient) expresses or complains for some uneasiness in his body. Then it is a symptom of that patient.

Now before I will proceed further, I would like to ask you

I agree with your definition. Do you agree to proceed further?

Greetings from Pakistan, Dr.MAS ;)

doctorleela 30th August 2001 07:17 AM

Dear Dr. MAS,

At the risk of an annoyed reply from you, I just want to add that I'm glad your degrees are not taking up so much space in your answers!

Still I appreciate your serious efforts to clarify words and concepts.


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