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Hi My daughter has been getting impetigo from the age of 2 years. She is now nearly 6. Just recently, over the last 6 months she has been getting it very frequently, and dispite oral medication and cream applied to her lip/chin (this is the only place she gets it) it keep coming back. She has had it 4 times since christmas. I am waiting for a refferal to see a skin specialist, but i am desperate to find something that can help make the attacks less frequent. She hates getting them, as cannot go to school for 3 days, its sore to eat and knocks her confidence. HELP
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3rd February 2011
Distant drug Energy transmission was discovered by Dr.B. Sahni in 1967. Any natural part(hair) from a person is used. They are inserted in a medicine, most similar to the patient (Homoeopathic principle).. Separated parts from the body act as remote transmitter for the body.. Distance is not a barrier. There are many patients who have been benefited and any sickness- acute or chronic can be treated by this method of treatment.
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30th October 2009
01:45 PM
A group of classical & pure homoeopaths
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25th December 2009
04:23 AM
alternative healing arts co-operative in San Francisco bay area www.gratefulmindandbody.com
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1st August 2009
09:41 AM
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