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Carol Boyce
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Default Re: Brazil's "Scientific American" fabulous article onhomeopathy!

Hi Dana,

Hope all is well with you.

Thanks for this but am confused - was this actually an article - the
translation doesn't read like an article in Scientific American might
read - it reads at best more like a letter to the editor? Which
would also be good - but until I can be sure I don't want to put it
out there. I can't seem to track it back to source beyond

Do you have any info that might help?

Thanks a lot,


At 7:09 AM -0700 4/3/12, Dana Ullman, MPH wrote:
>Fabulous news! Brazil's edition of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN just
>published a very positive story that declares homeopathy
>indispensable to plant health and human health!
>-- please ignore the comments of the skeptic (aka "medical
>fundamentalist" and "denier" who wrote about this great article.
>Dana Ullman, MPH
> (website)
> (blog)
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