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Hahnemannian444 has a little shameless behaviour in the past

You react in a unique way on these forums with high literacy. I've noticed that and quite beyond the fact that you're seeking us out, which is altogether a higher field of view as a futurist. Ordinary people just seek us out as an alternative, but they don't understand that we're the only solution to health problems because only homeopathy works. Upshot commeth: We don't get many patients we're able to fully cure because the majority of them are fully servile and too ignorant to understand the insanities of catering to allopathic physicians and adopting any of their positions. They thus foul up our good work by staying with allopaths and doing things that destroy the curative processes we reestablish in them. In fact, I venture to say that patients like you number only about 1%, which is a figure easily stated because that's how many class-A thinkers exist in the world and have for thousands of years. You could be in for a truly unique experience you'll never forget because mental freedom and real health are quite foreign to humanity and have been for thousands of years.

Since it's all but impossible to prescribe online, and yet you've presented your case with the clarity that appears to make it settled to my satisfaction to throw that thing into you, I want to know how old you are. You've hinted around about it but never said it. How old are you? I'm not asking because Glonoin is dangerous as nitro glycerine. Our drugs aren't chemical substances, so none of that calculus applies to them. I'm asking because I want to know how far your case can be taken. It takes approximately one year for every seven a person has lived to get them to the point where they don't have any more symptoms, but that's only if they don't mess it up with allopathic interventions. We don't know why it takes that long, either.

Of course, if Glonoin doesn't work for you, we start again. I'd start where we left off since it's otherwise clear that's your simillimum. We can't ever know that until we see how your organism reacts to it, but clear cases usually make it a foregone conclusion that the person is in for the miracles of cure. It should start almost instantly for you, dear.

God bless!
Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
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