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Default Vaccines and Genomic Medicine

Greetings to all otherhealth forum members

Gina wrote:

" Ignorance is bliss..... "

Genomic Medicine

Genomic Medicine is based on understanding of our entire genome and environmental factors on disease and health.

Nature versus man-made molecules: nutrigenomics

........But will man-made drugs conquer diseases or will pharmacologists be trumped by natural molecules found in foods and concentrated in dietary supplements? It’s difficult to imagine how the pharmaceutical industry is going to continue with their "drug deficiency" model of disease treatment because gene array technology is finally going to reveal which is superior, prescription drugs or functional foods and dietary supplements.
Unless Big Pharma figures a way to sweep recent discoveries under the rug, it appears nature is going to win out over synthetic drugs.

Ushering in Genomic Medicine
Will nature trump man-made molecules?


Tables turning: Vaccine proponents becoming increasingly on the defensive
Pro-vaccinators reacting to increased use of legal exemptions to
vaccine mandates while parents mobilize to change state vaccine laws
by The Idaho Observer

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