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Continuation for Pulsatilla :

Main uses Pulsatilla (animals) :

-- Problems associated with fertility and parturition.

-- Inflammation of the prostate gland.

-- Ear infections with a creamy, often offensive-smelling discharge.

-- Sore gums and apparently aching or painful teeth.

-- Increased urination, without any noticeable increase in thirst, causing incontinence, particularly in neutered females.

-- Wet eczematous lesions and urticaria due to irritation or allergic reactions.

-- Chronic nasal catarrh with a bland yellow-greenish discharge from the nose and possibly the eyes too. These discharges on the whole are non-irritant and don`t tend to scald or excoriate the surrounding tissues.

Pulsatilla is an important polychrest (or polycrest) and exerts its action on many parts of the body, especially the mucous membranes and the female reproductive organs.

A polychrest is a remedy which affects all or nearly all the tissues of the body (of people/animals), has a wide variety of symptoms and its curative power reaches deep into the anatomy. It`s equally useful in acute and chronic disorders.

Homeopath for people and animals.
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