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Originally Posted by Dr. Aamir Shahzad
Ammir Shahzad
1. what is 100% cure? Is it the miasmatic shift from syphilitic to sycotic to psoric. What if a patient because of his vitality, age and other factors is unable to move down beyond sycotic miasm- but his case now becomes manageable-shouldn't this be classified as cure when compared to Allopathic outlook for the same condition.
Parameters need to be defined- by what is acceptable as 100% cure.
The given case of Wilm's tumor or any other case showed an improvement that is 100% or tending to 100%. In another similar case if you get say 60,70 or 80% result wouldn't that be an achievement, especially when you compare it with prognosis of modern medicine.
2. I will try and draw the attention of Dr Vijaykar's associate, if they have something to help towards convincing the doubters- it will be great.
3. Oh, yes there are a lot of people who's misson in life is based on such selfless passion. Everyone does his bit of service-the degree varies. Its an individual choice on how one wishes to serve humanity- by offering 1/10th of his earning or 100 %. May such breeed of people that the one you mentioned multiply, the world be a better place.
4.Baby Boy of 10 months Diagnosed Cerebral Atrophy , the reference to cham, puls, opium is from the thread on this link. But the point is any changes can also be attributed to other external factors. If the child was chilly first and then becomes hot- the skeptics will not agree that the remedy made the changes.
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