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Originally Posted by bwv11

quote: After all, if we are purely material, then diseases have to be caused by something material and it does make sense to search for that.(if we are purely material, then also mental diseases could in principle be detected and healed by messing around with the brain).
i think you were getting at something different than i was getting at in my response. to try to address your point more accurately, i would agree it 'makes sense' to search for material causes, but, if you understand my meanings correctly, 'material' causes would included both physical and energetic components, and i would suggest, furthermore, that a proper understanding of H would place his work in the same frame: again, note his misunderstanding of forces involved in magnetism as being 'immaterial,' really, a misunderstanding of the times. sooo, homeopathy and allopathy in fact both approach medical care on the basis of purely material considerations, but from different angles, boxing to judo for a very rough analogy, meant only to illustrate that there is more than one way to skin a (material) cat.
And why the heck is Hahnmann against searching for possible material cuase of diseases?
Where would we be today, if everybody had followed that advice?

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