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Hi Joe,

Your chiropractor probably knows more about chiropractics than homeopathy, and she obviously is dedicated to her patient's well being. Homeopathy is best prescribed by one who practices it exclusively. At the risk of sounding snobbish or judgemental please understand that it is an artful science, and it is different enough in application that one must live, breath, and practice it to become effective. I want to say this so that you will not be afraid of what homeopathy does (one more bad toothache on top of your migraine might send you running from it!). Of the brief picture you painted of your condition there is no doubt in my mind that an experienced homeopath could provide the relief you are seeking. But it is still Sunday, and the previous advice on this post was absolutely correct in suggesting that one dose, wait and see is proper. Don't take any more. A 200 is a potent dose and commonly would be given once with several weeks to let the case unfold before adding or changing. But because you are suffering so it would be good for you to find a homeopath as soon as possible.

Good luck and do take care.
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