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Dear S. Reischman,

Now that is an honest answer I was waiting for. Good for you.
You can help more patients than any other how sticks to classical homeopathy.

Dear Hans Weitbrecht,

I have read a lot of your posts and I do appreciate your knowledge.
Tell me if these methods are right or wrong?

If these methods are right then why so much of a fuss on prescribing methods. Let every body adopt his selected mode of prescribing and let us stop sounding so high and mighty with our show of knowledge to impress upon others.

If these methods are wrong then the question arises, these are all the method used by our Master Homeopaths of the past. They were the good followers of the Great Hahnemann, no doubt about that and they had treated more patient successfully that they leave a dictum to follow. They had come across these methods not by chance but through sheer practical knowledge that no one can deny. Or they were nincompoops and how come they achieved so much that we look up to them as our Homeopathic Masters.

If somebody chooses a different method of prescribing then let him be the sole judge of that. I have learnt something from my religion it says if you cannot find a path from The Book you can gather the evidence of what is right keeping yourselves in the mainframe of The Book and adopt it as a path for the next generations.
This is the intention of this thread. Any arguments are welcomed so feel free.

Curiosity begets rewards.
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