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Hi all,

There are homeopaths using different methods of prescribing and treating their patients. I would like to learn. What are the thoughts of my honorable members of the BB, on these types of prescribing? If I can be more precise, Where does in homeopathy these sorts of prescribing stands?

Prescribing on the basis of criteria.

Acute basis.
Alternating basis.
Antidoting basis.
Chronicity basis.
Clinical basis.
Cyclic basis.
Drainage basis.
Miasm basis.
Organ basis.
Relationship basis.

Removing blockage basis.

Single remedy basis.
Specific basis.
Moon phase basis.
Time basis.

Then on the basis of doses.

basis of single dose.
basis on multiple doses.
basis three doses.

And on the basis of potencies.

basis of mother tincture.
basis of low potency.
basis of medium potencies.
basis of high potency.
basis of high followed by low potencies.
basis of low to high potencies.

Curiosity begets rewards.

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