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Dear Lisa,

you are absolutely right - there is no reason not to give a single dose of 30c and wait and see what happens, repeating only if improvement is partial or slips back to what it was before. The same can be said for 12c, which is still a powerful potency when the remedy is correct.

Many people (myself sometimes included) give a number of doses based on what we were taught. This comes, I think, from an underlying feeling that the remedies aren't really strong enough, despite our experience. The idea that you need to kick start a case....I understand the desire, but why do we need to do this? The goal is gentle cure, not a shove.

Although, I believe many patients WANT to really feel the remedy has done something dramatic. It can be hard convincing someone that the remedy they took 3 weeks ago has alleviated their migraines or eczema etc. But if they get an nice big aggravation, then they can pinpoint the moment the remedy started working, and they will more readily accept that homoeopathy does something after all. Perhaps practitioners feel this way too?
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