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Dear Barb,

Did I tell the story about my daughter and the bad cough she had a year ago that a famous homeopath had prescribed a 30C 4 times a day for, but he wouldn't tell me the name of the remedy? Good lord, that was a long sentence! Well, I wonder why he didn't think one dose of a 30C would be enough?

I guess there's no real consensus on this point.

Here's one rule I absolutely go by: If I'm taking a 30C for an acute and I'm repeating it, I always put it in water and succuss to raise the potency before each dose, this way the previous dose, if acting, is never antidoted. I have made the mistake of repeating the exact same potency of a remedy that was working, and antidoted it and saw all of the original complaint come back right before my eyes!!!

A 6C three times a day might be less controversial.

Good luck, Barb.

Loopy Snoopy
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